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SWITCHES Serials: M4CZ MVS-3600
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  MICRO SWITCHES  (Made in Taiwan)
  Type Number Ordering Code :

Series basic definition code MJ2-

Feature type number :
1280~1744 set up ordinal number according to different driving devices. Please refer to type picture and type number in the catalogue.

Body(case) material type :
Non-indicate : Plastic Body (standard)
P : Phonolic Body (custom made)

OF(operating force) type :
Non-indicate : Normal force (standard)
L : Light force (custom made)

Terminal type :
Non-indicate : Only attached screw (standard)
S : Soldering Terminal Type (custom made)
A : Fast Terminal Type (custom made)

Roller or head material type :
- F : Metal roller (custom made)
- P : Plastic Roller(POM)、
Head(Custom made:POM、TEFLON)

High current type(costom made)