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SWITCHES Serials: M4CZ MVS-3600
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  MINI LIMIT SWITCHES  (Made in Taiwan)
Wide choice of heads and actuators.
Variety of operating characteristics.
Captive cover screws.
Mode of operation is field adjustable.
internal grounding screw.
Dustproof, Oil-Tight, Water-Resistant.
Temperature range :
+5 to +160 . (-15 to +70) .
5A 250V AC
0.4A 115 V DC
  Rotary motion roller lever and rod actuators are adjustable
through 360°. They may be set for operation clockwise, counter-clockwise, or in both directions. Operating heads may be positioned in any of four 90° positions.
1. Loosen cover screws and remove cover.
2. Remove rubber strain relief from switch cover.
3. Slip strain relief over cable.
4. Fasten terminal screws and grounding screw tightly after inserting cables or terminals.
5. After wiring insert strain refief into the groove of the switch cover.
6. Fasten 3 cover screws evenly. Do not over tighten.
7. Recommended Cable-# 18/3 SJT Flexible.