MZ-7-防水微型开关/Watertight miniature switches


short roller lever type, right side with UL wire




1.      MZ-7 Miniature Switch with positive opening operation.

2.      Ideal for use in machinery,control units and automation systems.

3.      MZ-7 Miniature Switch features positive opening operation of NC contacts even when contacts are welded due to short-circuits or overload currents.

4.      Optional actuators available with plain lever or roller lever..

5.      Protection degree is for contact are IP40,IP60and IP67.

6.      With Silver or Gold or Cu+Ag contact material.




250V AC



Operating frequency

Mechanical      200 operations/min.

Contact material

Ag or Au

Contact resistance

100mΩ max.

Insulation resistance

100MΩ mIx.

Dielectric strength

1000V AC,50/60 Hz for 1 minute between terminals of the same polarity.

Ambient operating temperature

-25  to +80℃


Ambient operating Humidity

85%~100% RH max.

Service life

Mechanical      500,000 operations min

Degree of protection

IP40,  IP60 & IP67


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